Sticky Buns

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All Things Sweet. Not to long in the distant past I used to take my kids to the mall. It helped past the time especially on hot summer days. They were young, so it wasn’t about shopping, it was all about the Water fountains and the food!!! First, I would take them to the little …

Peach Cookie with Italian Cream

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How often do you see a picture of something that evokes a wonderful memory?

Corn Fritters an Anytime Treat!!!

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An oldie but goodie. Corn Fritters! A great variation on pankakes. Sweet summertime corn in a light and flavorful batter. Such a quick effortless meal. That you can’t seem to get enough of. Fresh corn from your local farm stand will make this meal outstanding… We freeze our corn each year so this is a …

Ragu Sauce

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With the Summer winding down my thoughts begin to wander to all things fall. I am a fall baby, born in October, and I do love my sweaters!! When I think of all things fall I think of deep, rich and flavorful meals. Soups, Sauces and hardy Sandwiches. Now that my mother lives with us, …

What’s in a perfect Veggie Burger??

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Bottom line, making your own veggie burger is an art. I have tried many different variations. Some worked some didn’t. Then I found a great recipe… I wish I could take credit for this recipe but sadly I can’t. What I can take credit for is finding it and passing it along to anyone interest …

The Wonders of Tomato Soup

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Have you ever wondered why you don’t eat Tomato Soup more often?!? Each year we can our Tomatoes and always say we will make fresh Tomato Soup. This was the year!! What a treat. The tomato flavor is amazing not acidic just a mild tomato flavor. I did a little research on the Tomato, and …

Italian Eggplant Parmesan

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If you love Eggplant Parmesan this is the recipe for you. All the flavor with 1/2 the calories. A few years back I was on a quest to lose weight but I wanted to Enjoy the Journey. So I went on a hunt for all my favorite recipes and created low calorie recipes with lots …

Pizza Galletta’s Galley style

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I have been asked to write about and pass along our family recipes for Homemade Pizza. I have made Pizza for years and the crust is always good but it is never quite the same. Some time xtra crispy and some times too bread like, so I decided to go right to the source. My …

Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Treats

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  Can’t even tell you how addictive these little treats are. You can’t just eat one… I had a very good friend ask me for the recipe so I decided to put it on my Website.  I first found the original recipe on Pinterest and then it was no where to be found, but I …

Chicken Marsala

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  Welcome back!!! I just can’t say enough about this meal!! I think it is my all time favorite. Chicken Marsala and Faux Mashed Potatoes or better known as Mashed Cauliflower. Oh my goodness. Pure heaven.  Most times we just serve a salad with this meal since your “potatoes” are your vegetable as well.   …