This is the beginning of a journey.  A life long dream of owning my own business.  Cooking has been part of our family for many generations.  In the late 1800’s our Great Grandmother Saba Romagnoli owned a trattoria in the Abruzzi region of Italy. In the early 1900’s our Grandfather Domenico Antonio Mastrangelo left Italy and came to Philadelphia, PA. where he had a butcher shop, no name attached,  he went by the nick name Ming and that is how the business was known. My mother Rachel Mastrangelo Galletta had 3 brothers, Dominic Mastrangelo, Rosario (Chick) Mastrangelo and Adriano (Henry) Mastrangelo, all three owned bread bakeries in the city of Philadelphia, Tally Ann, Yeadon Maid, and M&M.  Our mom was always in the kitchen, whether at home cooking for family or at church, cooking for the congregation. Friday night was pizza night and everyone seemed to be at our house just around dinner time.  It didn’t stop there, my sister Donna Galletta Mansi continued the family tradition and it true style. In 1993 she and her husband Franco Mansi opened The Atrium, an Italian language and culture institute in Cagli Italy. Franco taught Italian to visitors from all over the world while Donna offered hands on cooking lessons.  A few years later Donna became the head chef at their restaurant in Cagli Italy named Tre Pozzi. Finally my brother Anthony Galletta and his wife Adrianne, opened Galletta’s Galley in 1976  and continued to served  many through 1980.  So now we have come full circle and I have decided to bring Galletta’s Galley  back. So now we will see where the story goes…

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