So what did you do this weekend??? Food Trucks Galore…

So what did you do this weekend?  The weather hear in Bucks county was a tale of two stories.  Saturday was beautiful, 75 degrees, with blue skies and white puffy clouds. What a nice change from the 50’s and dreary weather we have been living with this April.  Sunday was a different story, back to the 50’s and dressing for cold weather.  But Wayne and I still have a fabulous weekend, a much needed break.

We decided this weekend to do something a little different, no housework, or yard work. Wayne was nice enough to indulge me this weekend. I have been investigating different scenarios for possibly going into my own business.  This is just the beginning of a long process.  So on Saturday we decided to go to a Food Truck Festival, our first.

I was introduced to Laurita Winery by a very dear friend.  Her son and wife have ventured into the food truck business The Jersey Roll and they were one of the featured Trucks at the Winery, so we decided to see what it was all about.

We got there early to beat the crowd, and we weren’t the first people there.  11:30am and they were rolling in with chairs, blankets and all things needed to stay the day.  No personal food or drink is allowed, plenty on site to take care of that.  Parking is free but there is an admission fee, Actually there are a few different packages to choose from even a season pass for those interested. For us $10 a person for the day, this includes a shuttle ride (free) to and from the festival.  For those who want some exercise there is a path to walk to the festival as well.

Since this was our first time at a Laurita Winery Festival, we were slightly unprepared and we came empty handed.  But that was okay, the Winery has lots of picnic tables and benches, and a great indoor outdoor Winery/bar, as well as an Inn, if you wanted to stay a night or two.

Laurita Winery

We took a short walk around the grounds and then decided to head to the Winery to do some wine tasting.

On this particular day they were doing the wine tasting from 11 am to 2 pm, we were told it ends at 2 pm, the size of the crowd makes it impossible to  do the wine tasting correctly.  So the deal is for $7 you get 6 wine tastings. The Staff was very helpful, each time a wine was given to us, there was an explanation of the type of wine we had selected.  There was a selection of White and Red as well as Very Dry to Sweet in both the red and white. You were given a Check list with the name and style of each wine and a 1 thru 5 rating.  This was very helpful in remembering which of the wines were you favorites. We really enjoyed the 6 wines we tried, including a wonderful dessert wine called Chocolate Therapy, not part of the $7 wine tasting but an option for a charge of $1 a shot. Chocolate

Therapy was so delicious we bought a bottle to bring home, what a treat.

My final wine was their Signature Sangria, this was a favorite for us as well as most of the crowd. We ordered 2 glasses of Sangria, They have an option to order a jug of Sangria or a bottle of wine (a pail with ice is provided) to drink during the festival.  They will re-cork any bottles that aren’t finished so you can take it home. We took our Sangria out on the deck to enjoy the nice weather, between the view and the Sangria and we weren’t disappointed


Next on the agenda was getting food.  With so many choices, it was a hard decision.  Listed below are the trucks that were there and a link if you are interested in any of them.

We decided to split everything so we could taste a few more items.  From Jersey Roll we tried their special of the day the Dirty Bowtie. A mozzarella stick, wrapped with a breaded pork roll then wrapped with a slice of bacon!!  Need I say more… Next onto Scuba and the Beast  Everyone’s favorite Bacon Wrapped Scallops, and we weren’t dissappointed. We decided to stick to the seafood theme, we moved onto a Lobster Roll and then we finished with a Giant Hot Dog and Sauerkraut.  For Dessert we decided to go with the old faithful ice cream, creamy vanilla with caramel, brownie and pecans and we weren’t disappointed.  All in all the food was delicious.

At about 2 pm we left, family functions called us away, I will say most families we saw were setup for the day.  With Music, 3 different bands, too Line Dancing, a Bacon eating contest, and Fireworks, there was plenty to do for the entire family and the entire day.  This wasn’t the cheapest of dates, but for a nice day out, it was worth it.  Stop by Laurita Winery web site to see all the functions they have planned for this season.

It was so beautiful out and we had a few hours to kill before our family commitment, so we decided to take the long way home (the very long way) via the Jersey Shore.  The day was so nice and the drive was pleasant.  We took the back roads to Lavallette, the ocean was magnificent a little to cold for spending the day on the beach but a great walk on Lavallette’s Boardwalk, a quick stop at my brothers to say hi and we were on the road again.  Stay tuned for Sunday’s adventure, hidden treasures right in your own backyard.  Enjoy life it is way to short!!!

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