Greek Salad

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[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”17″ gal_title=”Greek Salad”] Cuisine: Greek Prep Time: 30m Servings: 12  

Local Fare..What a special surprise

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Last weekend we decided to take the weekend off from house and family responsiblities and have some fun.  Saturday we went to Laurita Winery which I wrote about in my post last week, and then on Sunday we stayed local and decided to take a ride to West Trenton.  You would be surprised at all …

Baltimore Crab Cakes

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  Crab Cakes that are made up of Crab and more Crab [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”6″ gal_title=”Baltimore Crab Cakes”]

Blueberry Peach Cobbler

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  Delicious dessert that can double as a breakfast item.  You can determine how much sugar you want in the recipe, I don’t add any additional sugar in the fruit just the Oatmeal topping.



  After doing a little research to give you the most accurate account of where the famous and absolutely amazing hoagie/Sub we call Cheesesteak came from this is what I came up with. In the 1930 Pat Olivieri and his Younger brother Harry scrapped enough money together to buy a hot dog stand. As the …

Galletta’s Galley Famous Bean Soup

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Galletta’s Galley and Homemade soup went hand in hand.  Every day there was a new soup on the menu.  All of them homemade and from Rachel’s personal cookbook.  One of her first soups was Navy Bean Soup, and it became a staple right from the start.  So I thought that for my first Recipe post …

So what did you do this weekend??? Food Trucks Galore…


So what did you do this weekend?  The weather hear in Bucks county was a tale of two stories.  Saturday was beautiful, 75 degrees, with blue skies and white puffy clouds. What a nice change from the 50’s and dreary weather we have been living with this April.  Sunday was a different story, back to …

Italian Wedding Soup


Yesterday while talking with my Sister, who just happens to live in Italy, the Food Capital of the World, ( Just my opinion). We began discussing different blogs that she has posted on her Website Cooking In Lucca, In our youth, a Sunday treat on occasion was Italian Wedding Soup. For anyone who doesn’t know about …

What’s in a Dip???


Full course meals are great. But sometimes you just need to chow down on some good old fashion snack food!!  Well I have a few recipes that your going to love.     The four Dips I am going to speak about today are the every delicious Eggplant Dip, Garlic Humus Dip, Guacamole and a Bacon Cheddar …

So why Galletta’s Galley?

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This is the beginning of a journey.  A life long dream of owning my own business.  Cooking has been part of our family for many generations.  In the late 1800’s our Great Grandmother Saba Romagnoli owned a trattoria in the Abruzzi region of Italy. In the early 1900’s our Grandfather Domenico Antonio Mastrangelo left Italy …